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Keep your files and documents well organized with top best WordPress File Manager Plugin!

It is obvious that if your file management is not good enough, it will slow down your work. Therefore, managing file effectively plays a crucial role on your site. In order to arrange your documents successfully, installing a plugin is a great solution. Today, we help you pick up several powerful WordPress File Manager Plugin that may helpful for you. Let’s start now!

1. File Manager 

File Manager

This WordPress File Manager Plugin allows you to remove, upload, download, edit as well as copy and paste folders and files which are from your WordPress backend directly. In addition, it is also a great solution that allows you to manage and change the location of your files easily.

Provided features:

  • Share Files by Email
  • PDF Support
  • Responsive UI
  • Browsing History
  • Trash function
  • FTP/SFTP Support
  • Upload to Media Library
  • Multiple Themes
  • Fullscreen View
  • Admin Email Notifications
  • Dropbox Integration
  • And so on


  • Works like a charm
  • Very handy
  • Gold standard

2. WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager is a great solution that allows you to manage and track file downloads of your WordPress site. Moreover, you can also have an ability to manage the access of your files and downloads, set a limitation for the download count for a user, spammers, undesired users or block users as well.

Provided features:

  • Category level access control
  • Download speed control
  • MP4 video upload and play support
  • Widget for new files
  • Widget for top downloads
  • Widget for searching downloads
  • Password protection
  • Custom oEmbed template
  • Category embed short-code
  • Advanced server file browser
  • CAPTCHA protection


  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Awesome features
  • Rapid support

3. Advanced File Manager

Advanced File Manager

Advanced File Manager is an advance WordPress Download Manager Plugin that allows you to remove, upload, download, zip or edit the multiple file operations of your site. Furthermore, using this extension also give you an ability to get access files which are inside or outside your WordPress root directory.

Provided features:

  • Drag and drop
  • High Performance
  • Local File System
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating Archive
  • Editable Root Directory Path
  • Shortcodes
  • Files Access
  • Browsing History
  • Responsive
  • And more


  • Save time
  • Excellent plugin
  • Really useful

4. File Manager

File Manager 2

This is an amazing plugin that you can use to remove, rename, archive, copy or upload your files quickly. Moreover, this plugin also includes a lot of extended features, which allows you to change or copy your files with Drag and Drop or get access to local file systems without the database.

Provided features:

  • High-performance server backend
  • UTF-8 Normalizer of file-name and file-path
  • Keyboard shortcuts available
  • Multiple file/folder selection
  • Folder upload
  • Chunked file upload
  • Upload directly to the folder
  • User Role Permission
  • User Permission
  • And more


  • A lifesaver
  • Very nice plugin
  • Reliable and easy to use

5. Frontend File Manager Plugin

Frontend File Manager Plugin

Frontend File Manager Plugin allows your users to upload files for administrators. In addition, every user of your site is also able to remove, download their files in case they login because it has a private directory that each file is saved. A lot of pro features are also included such as file groups, file meta, visual composer and so on.

Provided features:

  • File Types & Size Settings
  • Labels for Upload & Save Button
  • Create Directories
  • Set Maximum File Upload
  • Progressbar Uploader
  • Email Notifications Settings
  • File Rename by Timestamp Prefix
  • Allow Guests to Upload
  • Allow Users to Share File via Email
  • Thumbs for Images


  • Nice interface
  • Great and Useful
  • Fantastic

6. Simple Download Manager for WP Document Revisions

Simple Download Manager for WP Document Revisions

This plugin allows you to insert many particular additions for the WPDR base. Besides, it also contains a custom post type solution that enables you to remove an unsupported or old download counter. 3 additional widgets are also included that help you to show the most common Downloads.

Provided features:

  • 3 additional Widgets
  • Own plugin settings page
  • Use “Downloads” wording
  • Help tabs included
  • Fully internationalized
  • Workflow Status management
  • Extendable via Hooks & Filters
  • Really secure & robust


  • Work seamlessly
  • Small and lightweight
  • Nice plugin

7. CM Download Manager

CM Download Manager

This WordPress Download Manager Plugin allows you to control, track, support as well as upload files or documents in a directory. Moreover, using this plugin, you are also able to determine users to control, upload or track documents and files as well. A unique landing page is also generated easily by using this plugin.

Provided features:

  • CM Client Zone
  • CM Payments
  • Charge for Downloads / Uploads
  • Customer Support
  • PeepSo Integration for Download Manager
  • Users Groups Permission
  • CM Download Manager Widgets
  • MP3 and Music file directory


  • Very Good Customer Support
  • Really useful plugin
  • Feature-rich

8. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager enables you to manage and maintain the number of files, video, images and records og your site. Thanks to this plugin, you are able to generate infinite folders and subfolders in order to arrange and control customers accounts and documents.

Provided features:

  • SSL Support
  • Unlimited nesting of folders
  • Secure documents under login for each user
  • Zip files in the archive
  • Localization support for many languages
  • Add links a file
  • Embed youtube and other media as a file
  • Require login to download files
  • Each user has their own file repository


  • Super intensive
  • Quality product and service
  • Relatively basic


We hope that this collection is helpful for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Moreover, you can refer to free WordPress themes to manage your files and documents.

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