In fact, Github is an open-source control that is generated by Linus Torvalds. You can use this powerful system to monitor the revisions of their business. In addition, this version control system is also necessary in some cases many people are working on the same code. Thanks to this plugin, you can view the changes in the code before.

What are the benefits of using the WordPress GitHub Plugin?

There are many significant advantages of installing GitHub Plugin, including:

  • You can see the changes to the projects because those modifications are updated directly to the central repository
  • When you want to customize a project, you can copy the whole repository to your system, and then all changes will be saved
  • It allows you to merge those modifications with a few click

Because of these above reasons, you should consider installing a WordPress GitHub Plugin to add version control, install themes and plugins remotely

Top Effective WordPress GitHub Plugin

Github Embed

Github Embed

The first plugin that we would like to mention is Github Embed. Although this plugin is designed with a simple and lightweight interface, it comes with many powerful features. This plugin lets you embed details from Github just by pasting in the URL as you would any other embed source.


  • Provides very basic styling
  • Allows you to embed details from GitHub just by pasting in the URL


  • Simple
  • Work effectively

GitHub Release Downloads

Github Release Downloads

The second useful plugin that you should consider is Github Release Downloads. This perfect tool enables you to get the download count, links, and more information for releases of GitHub repositories.

For example:

  • All repository downloads: [grd_count user=”IvanRF” repo=”MassiveFileRenamer”]
  • Latest release downloads: [grd_count user=”IvanRF” repo=”MassiveFileRenamer” latest=”true”]
  • Specific release downloads: [grd_count user=”IvanRF” repo=”MassiveFileRenamer” tag=”v1.6.0″]


  • Gets information about the latest published release for the repository
  • Gets information about the release with the specified tag name
  • The release description and the list of files that can be downloaded
  • Hides information about the download count
  • Hides the download link for the source code


  • A great plugin
  • Easy to use

Embed Block for GitHub

Embed Block For Github

Embed Block is appropriate for those who want to embed Github repositories in their sites. By using this plugin, you can add a GitHub Repository embed block to the Block Editor and then present a card with the repository information. Moreover, it is extremely easy for you to use and install because it only takes you a few minutes to set up. Futhermore, the block consists of some basic CSS styles but you can modify it with a bit of CSS with ease.


  • Add a GitHub Repository embed block to the Block Editor
  • Show a card with the repository information
  • Add a GitHub repository to any page or post on your website


  • Simple and lightweight
  • Nice tool
  • Translation ready

Gist GitHub Shortcode

Gist Github Shortcode

This plugin comes with a simple and useful structure. Thanks to this plugin, you can freely insert GitHub Gists to your posts through shortcodes. For example, you can include a full Gist with the following shortcode:

  • Add a full gist: [gist id=”3837669″]
  • Add a specific file in a gist:  [gist id=”3837669″ file=”index.php]


  • A user-friendly tool
  • Full support

Github Ribbon

Github Ribbon

Another great plugin that enables you to add “Fork me on Github” ribbons to any position on your WordPress site. In addition, it also allows you to style the ribbon or add additional CSS styles to it according to your purpose.


  •  Choose between image-based ribbons or CSS3 based ribbons
  • Choose whether to show the ribbon on the right side or on the left side
  • Configuration can be set either globally or on a post-by-post basis
  • Pick up any one of the 6 different colours that are available
  • You can choose whether the link has to open in a new tab or not


  • Available support
  • Translation ready

WP Githuber MD

Wp Githuber Md

You shouldn’t ignore WP Githuber MD if you want to mark down your posts. In addition, it also gives you a ton of powerful features including Markdown editor, live-preview, image-paste, HTML-to-Markdown helper, and more. Moreover, this perfect tool will help you to recognize your Markdown content and make a decision that what scripts will be loaded to avoid loading unnecessary scripts.


  • Live preview.
  • Spell check.
  • Enable/disable Markdown for a single post.
  • Support Gutenberg editor.
  • Support custom post types.
  • Support Markdown extra syntax.
  • HTML-to-Markdown tool.
  • Image copy & paste (support uploading to and sm. ms)
  • Highlight code syntax. (prism.js or hightlight.js)
  • Flow chart.
  • And much more


  • Many powerful features
  • A useful tool without any Warranty

WP Github Commits

Wp Github Commits

With the enthusiastic support of this plugin, you can show the latest commits of a GitHub repo in the sidebar. Moreover, it also gives you a sidebar widget that can be configured to display commits from a GitHub repo in the sidebar. What’s more, you can utilize the template function to display the commits of a GitHub repo in any area.


  • Adds the following CSS classes
  • Can use the code from this gist to increase the timeout
  • Shortcode support
  • Ability to hide author-name
  • Make the output of widget content pluggable


  • Excellent support
  • Available translation

Git it Write

Git It Write

After installing this plugin, you are able to publish the markdown files present in a Github repository to your WordPress site.  Thanks to this plugin, all files will be added and updated in the repository exactly. In addition, it also enables you to collaborate with the post, share edits, and give suggestions on Github.


  • Markdown will be processed and the post will be published in HTML
  • Images used in the source file will be uploaded to WordPress
  • Relative links are supported
  • Set post properties like post status, title, order, category, tags etc, in the source file itself
  • Webhook support (whenever the repository is changed, it updates the plugin to pull the latest changes and publish the posts)
  • Add multiple repositories
  • Publish to any post type
  • Posts are published in hierarchical manner if they are under folders
  • Support for post metadata like setting tags, categories, custom fields


  • Intensive features
  • A helpful plugin
  • Work perfectly

Documents from Git

Documents From Git

Documents from Git allows you to publish, collaborate, and version control your documents directly from your favorite remote Git platform, even if it’s self-hosted. In addition, you can use the power of version control to publish various versions of the documents in different posts.


  • A variety of shortcodes
  •  Can manipulate the style freely with additional CSS classes
  • Write documents in your favorite editor and just push to your remote repository to update your blog instantly
  • Easy to update by your readers via pull requests, minimizing the chance of stale tutorials


  • Nice plugin
  • Convenient and lightweight


We believe that these plugins will bring you much great experience. In addition, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, we will support you anytime. Moreover, don’t forget to visit our free WordPress Themes, there are many beautiful designs here that are waiting for you. Let’s try and choose the best one.

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