There are a lot of WordPress Cache Plugins on the market, but numerous plugin users choose WP Rocket for their websites. However, besides the WP Rocket plugin, many practical solutions are available for them to try. That is the reason why we would like to recommend some best WP Rocket Alternatives today!

Now, let’s have a look at some vital information about the WP Rocket plugin, then check out the WP Rocket Alternatives with detailed comparisons based on the reviews of many WordPress users.

WP Rocket Overview

Wp Rocket

WP Rocket is known as an optimization plugin for WordPress websites. Its main tasks include improving your WordPress website’s caching system and optimizing Javascript/CSS files. It is a helpful tool to support you to optimize your site loading speed in particular as well as Core Web Vitals in general.

More specifically, this plugin brings you various outstanding features, such as media optimization, GZIP compression, database cleanup, CDN support, and much more. That is to say, WP Rocket will help you improve your WordPress site to give your visitors a good experience and make your site more friendly with many popular search engines.

One of the most important reasons why people like WP Rocket is its ease of use and user-friendly feature. Anyone can install, manage and use it without any difficulties or problems.

Wp Rocket Pricing

However, in terms of price, this plugin is not included a free version, which means you have to pay for using. There are 3 pricing packages for you to select:

  • Single: $49/year
  • Plus: $99/year
  • Infinite: $249/year

Although WP Rocket is one of the most popular WordPress Cache Plugins that many users trust and use, there are a lot of WP Rocket alternatives to help you improve your site. If you do not want to take the cost for a caching plugin, you can try one of the free plugins we suggested below. Let’s get started now!

Best WP Rocket Alternatives you should try

WP Super Cache

Wp Rocket Alternative:wp Super Cache

The first WP Rocket Alternative we would like to bring you is WP Super Cache. This plugin is also a famous cache plugin around the world. Some of the wonderful features that WP Super Cache gives you are CDN support, the ability to enable posts/categories/tags preloading, a cache deletion timetable, etc.

Even though WP Super Cache is rated as a good WordPress cache plugin, we would like to show you a principle comparison table between WP Super Cache and WP Rocket:

Criteria WP Rocket WP Super Cache
Easy of use Basic and easy-to-use features, which are suitable for beginners Both basic and advanced features/options
Price Free version: no/ Paid version: 3 packages Totally free
Rate & review 5 stars with 1,8 million users 4,3 stars with 2 million users


W3 Total Cache

Wp Rocket Alternative: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is also a good WP Rocket Alternative you should try. With various advanced and complex features, this plugin is considered to be more advanced than WP Super Cache. For more information about the similarities and differences between W3 Total Cache Vs WP Rocket, we have a detailed comparison of this topic.

Generally, W3 Total Cache will be more complicated than WP Rocket if you are looking for a caching plugin to manage and boost your WordPress site.


Wp Rocket Alternative: Autoptimize

Another WP Rocket Alternative that we can not ignore is Autoptimize. This plugin focuses on website caching and performing improvements. Therefore, almost its features are related to WordPress website optimization, especially file ones. Besides, this plugin also gives you the best solutions when you have difficulty with JavaScript, CSS, or HTML loading.

Here is a quick comparison between WP Rocket Vs Autoptimize:

Criteria WP Rocket Autoptimize
Easy of use Basic and easy-to-use features which are well-matched for all users Useful and simple features for both beginners and professors
Price Free version: no/ Paid version: 3 package plans Completely free
Rate & review 5 stars with 1,8 million users 4,7 stars with more than 1 million users



Wp Rocket Alternative: Wp-Optimize

WP-Optimize is also a suggested WP Rocket Alternative. We can say that WP-Optimize has all features that WP Rocket owns, which means this caching plugin can work well without any challenges or obstacles. The most powerful functions that the plugin brings you are database management, image compression, caching, and modification.

However, WP-Optimize does not support third-party CDN and all its features are basic, not advanced. So, now, let’s check out the comparison table below:

Criteria WP Rocket WP-Optimize
Easy of use Basic and easy-to-use features Basic and simple options
Price Free version: no/ Paid version: 3 packages Free version: yes/ Paid version: 3 options
Rate & review 5 stars with 1,8 million users 4,5 star with more than 1 million users


WP Fastest Cache

Wp Rocket Alternative: Wp Fastest Cache

The next WP Rocket Alternative we would like to recommend is WP Fastest Cache. To be fair to say, this plugin is quite similar to WP Rocket with a large number of useful and basic features, such as caching, preloading, GZIP compression, modification, and CSS file optimization.

Although WP Fastest Cache comes with a ton of handy options, almost is available in the pro version which means you can not get more features if you just use the free version. Here is a general comparison of them.

Criteria WP Rocket WP Fastest Cache
Easy of use Basic and easy-to-use functions Basic features, yet not clear, easy and various as WP Rocket
Price Free version: no/ Paid version: 3 packages Both free and premium versions
Rate & review 5 stars with 1,8 million users 5 stars with more than 1 million users


Cache Enabler

Wp Rocket Alternative: Cache Enabler

If you are looking for a WP Rocket Alternative which focuses on caching issues, Cache Enabler is a suitable suggestion for you to try. As the plugin’s name, all its functions just help you improve and fix the caching problems. The functions related to file optimization or render-blocking resources are not included in the plugins.

As we mentioned above, Cache Enabler is not helpful in boosting your Google Pagespeeds score. So, it should be used for caching purposes. The table below will show you a short comparison of Cache Enabler Vs WP Rocket.

Criteria WP Rocket Cache Enabler
Easy of use Basic and easy-to-use features User-friendly and clean features
Price Free version: no/ Paid version: 3 packages 100% free
Rate & review 5 stars with 1,8 million users 4,4 stars with more than 100,000 users



Wp Rocket Alternative: Breeze

Breeze is a WP Rocket Alternative by Cloudways. Since it is a cache plugin, Breeze provides full of basic features, including caching system, GZIP compression, and file optimization. Besides that, the advanced options are also available for you to use.

However, in terms of website performance improvement, Breeze is not good as WP Rocket because it still has some issues. If you need a free cache plugin, Breeze can basically adapt to your demands. Let’s explore a quick comparison table below.

Criteria WP Rocket Breeze
Easy of use Basic and easy-to-use features about caching and site performance Both basic and advanced features about caching issues.
Price Free version: no/ Paid version: 3 packages Totally free
Rate & review 5 stars with 1,8 million users 3,5 stars with more than 200,000 users


LiteSpeed Cache

Wp Rocket Alternative: Litespeed Cache

When LiteSpeed Cache is compared with WP Rocket, LiteSpeed Cache seems to come with more complicated options. In other words, it is not easy to use as WP Rocket but it is totally free for users to download and install for their website. By using LiteSpeed Cache, many great options are ready for you to manage and optimize your site, including Cache, TTL, Purge, ESL, Browser, Object, etc.

In order to understand the differences and similarities between the two plugins, why don’t you have a look at WP Rocket Vs Litespeed here?

Final Words

In short, all WP Rocket Alternatives we listed above are free, so there are some imperfect points. If you do not care about fees, WP Rocket may be a fantastic tool for you to optimize and boost your site. However, if you just need a free tool, the WP Rocket Alternatives we suggested may meet your requirements.

If you have more ideas or options for a WP Rocket alternative, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below to let us know about that. Finally, don’t forget to visit our website if you are seeking mobile-friendly and well-performance free WordPress Themes. They will not let you down!

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