If you are wondering how to change your password in WordPress dashboard, luckily this blog is a perfect choice for you. In today’s article, we provide you with the two simplest ways to tackle this problem. Let’s check them out.

Why do you need to change your WordPress password?

There are various reasons that make you change your WordPress password. For example, sometimes you may forget your WordPress password. Or your password has been revealed to too many people. Another reason is that you might want to change the WordPress password for every user to improve the security of your website.

In those situations, it is necessary for you to quickly change your password to protect your website from unwanted attacks.

How to change your password in WordPress Dashboard?

This is the easiest method to change the WordPress password if you can log in to your dashboard. In order to use this method, you can track the following steps.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard by visiting your WordPress login URL. For example https://yoursite.com/login in your favorite browse.

Step 2: From your WordPress dashboard, let’s navigate to Users > Profile.

Change Your Password

Step 3: On the profile page, scroll down the screen to the “Account Management” section. To create a new password, let’s click on the “Set New Password” button.

Change Wordpress Password 1

Immediately, WordPress will generate a versatile password automatically. You can use this automatic password or update it with your own new password.

Change Your Password

Step 4: Once you are pleased with your new password, let’s click on the “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page to save your latest password.

Change Your Password

After that, you will notice a new message that displays “Profile updated” on the top until done. And when you check your email box, you will receive a reminder of password updates from WordPress.

Change Wordpress Password 4

How to reset your WordPress password

This solution is useful to forget your password when you can’t log in to your WordPress dashboard. You can follow the steps below to perform.

First of all, you should go to your WordPress login page and click on the “Lost your password” link. This will take you to the reset page.

Change Wordpress Password 5

Then, you need to provide your username or email address to restore your password to your account.

Change Wordpress Password 6

Once you are done, WordPress will automatically send a password reset link to the email address that was associated with your user account.

How to Reset the WordPress Password from PHPMyAdmin

This is another useful method that allows you to reset the WordPress password from PHPMyadmin without having access to the email address associated with your user account or in that case WordPress site doesn’t send an email.

For detailed steps, you can see our tutorial on how to reset the WordPress Password from PHPMyadmin.


In nutshell, these are the three simplest ways to help you change your WordPress password. If you encounter any problems with provided methods, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section below. We will support you as soon as possible.

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