This article gives you the easiest solution to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress. Let’s check them out and find your problems.


WordPress offers a lot of useful features that allow you to easily upload images, align them, and much more. Most features are completely easy to use. However, if you are a new user, you may encounter some difficulties and problems when using these WordPress image editing features.

So, by keeping those problems in mind, in today’s tutorial, we collected all prevalent issues and gave you the most effective and easiest solution to fix common image issues in WordPress. Now, let’s start.

How to easily fix common image issues in WordPress?

Below, there are 15 common image problems in WordPress. Let’s check them out and find out the most efficient solution for your site.

Upload image in WordPress

WordPress gives you the simplest way to upload it, so you don’t need to worry. It is extremely easy for those who are beginners. In order to properly upload an image to the media library, you should track the following steps:

  1. Firstly, visit your posts/ page that you want to add an image.
  2. Click on the Add Media button displayed in the editor area.
  3. Next, in the popup window, click on the Select Files button to upload a new image from your computer or you can choose pre-uploaded images from the Media Library.
  4. After uploading images to the media library, take a look at the right-hand column where there are a lot of image settings. You can add alt text, select image size, and images style.
  5. Click on the Insert into post button to add that image.

Fix Common Image Issues

Align the image to the left or right

The second issue is to align the image to the left, right, center. However, WordPress allows you to handle it easily. You can follow these steps below:

  • After adding an image to your post, let’s click the cursor on this image
  • A toolbar will appear above the image. Simply choose your required alignment: left, right or center

Fix Common Image Issues 1

In addition, if you want to make your content more impressive, you can use images with text wrapped around them. This should be done by using the align feature.

Fix Common Image Issues 3

Add a caption to images

WordPress allows you to add a caption as a brief description of the image. Thanks to that, your visitors easily get an insight into that image.

First of all, you need to upload an image to the media library. And then you can add your caption to images in the right-hand column. For more detail, let’s access how to add an image caption in WordPress.

Fix Common Image Issues 4

Display images in columns and rows

Sometimes, you would like to showcase a lot of beautiful photos in columns and rows. In this case, creating image galleries is considered the best way to group your pictures. Luckily, WordPress allows you to create a gallery from many images.

To create a gallery in WordPress, you need to upload all images from your computer to the media library first or you can select pre-uploaded images in your media library. And then click on the Create Gallery option in the left-hand column.

Once you are pleased with your selection, let’s click on the Create a new gallery button.

Fix Common Image Issues 5

This takes you to the next popup window, you can reorder media files by dragging and dropping them to the position you want or you can also click on the Reverse order button.

In addition, it allows you to add a caption directly below each image.

After that, let’s click on the Insert Gallery button at the bottom of the page.

Fix Common Image Issues 6

For more detailed instructions, please access our guide on how to create an image gallery in WordPress.

Create responsive image galleries in WordPress

As you know, although WordPress allows you to create an image gallery, it still has many limitations. For example, they don’t work well on all devices and browse, Therefore, it is necessary for you to install one of the proper WordPress Image Gallery Plugins.

We highly recommend using FooGallery as the best choice for your site. Because it is an easy-to-use and responsive plugin that enables you to create stunning and fully mobile-friendly image galleries. In addition, it also helps you fix common image issues in WordPress effectively.

Fix Common Image Issues In Wordpress 7

This plugin comes with a wide range of outstanding features such as 6 amazing gallery templates, good SEO performance, album built-in, gallery widget, advanced Pagination, and much more. To get more detailed instructions on using this plugin, let’s see our tutorial on how to create an image gallery with the FooGallery plugin.

Fix missing post thumbnails / featured images

WordPress allows you to set a featured image that is displayed at the top of the post/page to represent the contents you are writing.

Once editing your post/page, have a look at the right-hand sidebar of the screen. Let’s click on the Set Featured Image link. It takes you to the popup window where you upload a new image or select one from your media library to showcase it to the top of the post.

Then keep clicking on the Set featured image button at the bottom of the popup window to upload your post thumbnail.

Fix Common Image Issues In Wordpress 6

After uploading the image, you will see your post thumbnail in the featured image meta box like this:


You can see our detailed guide on how to set featured images or post thumbnails in WordPress.

Most beginners often use the image that has been inserted into the post editor before to use as the featured image. That makes your feature image display twice including in the featured image and inside the post.

Fix Common Image Issues In Wordpress 5

To avoid duplicating the image in the post. You should use another image to insert into the featured image.

Crop image in WordPress

In some cases, your uploaded image has a too large size or doesn’t fit your content. So you exactly want to crop the image in various sizes.

Luckily, WordPress provides you with some basic image editing features such as crop, scale, and rotate images.

To crop the image properly, firstly go to Media > Add New and upload a new image from your computer.

After uploading the image, let’s click on the Edit link. This brings you to the edit media screen where there is an Edit image button displayed right below the image. Quickly click on this button to open the WordPress image editor.


This brings you to the edit media screen where there is an Edit image button displayed right below the image. Quickly click on this button to open the WordPress image editor.


In the WordPress image editor, it is easy for you to use a lot of basic buttons displayed above the image to do some basic image editing tasks such as cropping, rotating, resizing, etc.

You can get a step-by-step guide on how to crop, rotate, scale, and flip images in WordPress.

Fix Common Image Issues In Wordpress 4

Add a header image in WordPress

A header image is one of the most common features in most themes. You can use this function to make your website appearance more attractive.

To change your own header image, you can follow these steps below

  • Go to Appearance > Customize Page on your dashboard
  • Click on the Header Options tab on the left-hand column of the screen.


Next, you can use the Hide Image button to remove the image from the header or click on the Add new image button to change the current image into another image. WordPress automatically recommends a photo size that is suitable for your site. Image13

Add Background Image in  WordPress

Similarly, the background image is also a WordPress Theme. This function plays an important role in making your website more stunning.

You can visit Appearance > Customize the open the theme customer page. You can see the Background image option from a list of tabs in the left-hand side column. However, for some themes such as Hestia. You need to click on the Appearance Settings first and then you will see the Background image option.


Next, click on the Select Image button to upload your image.

Fix Common Image Issues In Wordpress 3

Unluckily, not all themes support this feature, so you need the support of a third-party plugin to add full-screen background images to your website. You can access our detailed tutorial on how to add a background image in WordPress.

Find free images for your WordPress blog posts

if you are writing many posts, it is certain that you have to spend a lot of time finding free images that don’t infringe copyright.

So, how to look for the best free image to use for your posts? Nowadays, there is a wide range of sites that allows you to download and use images under a free license. However, to make sure that all images are legal, even you can use for commercial projects.

You can check out some of the reputable websites below:

  • Pixabay
  • FreeImages
  • Openphoto
  • StockVault

Add tag images in WordPress

WordPress doesn’t enable you to add tags to images, so it is difficult for you to search for specific image categories. Fortunately, there are plenty of outstanding plugins that can enhance the functionality of your website with such a feature.

We highly recommend using Photo Gallery by 10Web. It allows you to add relevant tags and metadata to the images that help you enhance your SEO as well as provide more visibility in relevant search results in Google.

Fix Common Image Issues In Wordpress 2

Import external images in WordPress

Once you need to migrate your WordPress site to a new host or server, it is not hard for you to import your post content. But there is no feature that allows you to import your images from an external server. Therefore, you should install an effective Auto Upload Images plugin that will help you tackle this problem.

After the plugin is installed, it will check for external images when you update or save your post or page. In addition, it allows you to do that for each post or page manually. You can bulk edit all posts and then click on the Update button.


If your website posts are being contributed by multiple authors, sometimes adding a featured image to posts can be missed by other authors or even yourself.

Therefore, to avoid forgetting to add a featured image to your post, you can use the help of Require Featured Image Plugin. After you have installed this plugin yet, this tool will showcase a notification box above the editor area to remind authors to add a featured image.

Especially, this plugin only allows the authors to publish the post until they add a featured image.


Sometimes, setting a perfect featured image for each post is a challenging task. You will spend a lot of time finding a suitable image to cover your post, so you may not want to add a featured image to your post.

In this case, you need to set a default featured image that will be inserted automatically into your post. We highly recommend using the Default Featured Image plugin to add this feature to your WordPress site.  Image19

Wind Up

Hopefully, through this blog, we helped you fix all common image issues in WordPress. If you have any queries or need our assistance, please leave a comment below. We are always willing to help you anyway.

Moreover, you can spend a little time visiting our Free WordPress Themes to explore a wide range of beautiful, responsive designs for your website.

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