Special Module Positions

There are many special module positions that J2store has offered us to place custom HTML module or other modules of Joomla in store pages.

Step 1: Access Extensions > Modules to create new custom module

Step 2: et the title, status to “Published”

Step 3: Copy module position from the list which has given below then paste it to the position search box, press Enter

Step 4: Assign module to the menu you want then save.

Custom module positions

Product Category listing

j2store-product-list-top – at the top of product category listing page

j2store-product-list-bottom – at the bottom of product category listing page

Spl Mod Pos 03 Spl Mod Pos 02

Single product view

j2store-single-product-top – Product view layout’s top

j2store-single-product-bottom – Product view layout’s bottom

Spl Mod Pos 01 Spl Mod Pos 04 Spl Mod Pos 05 Spl Mod Pos 06

Filter Section

j2store-filter-left-top – Left filter’s top

j2store-filter-left-bottom – Left filter’s bottom

j2store-filter-right-top – Right filter’s top

j2store-filter-right-bottom – Rght filter’s bottom

Cart page

j2store-cart-top – Cart page’s top

j2store-cart-bottom – Cart page’s bottom.

Spl Mod Pos 09 Spl Mod Pos 10

Checkout page

j2store-checkout-top – Top of checkout page

j2store-checkout-bottom – Bottom of checkout page

Spl Mod Pos 11 Spl Mod Pos 12

Checkout Results page

j2store-postpayment-top – Checkout Results page’s top

j2store-postpayment-bottom – Checkout Results page’s bottom

Spl Mod Pos 13 Spl Mod Pos 14

Special Module Positions for J2Store Dashboard

Many special module positions provided to customize J2store CPanel Dashboard.


Please access Extensions > Modules, then choose Administrator > New > choose custom module. You can type in the module name and choose the position to one of many special module positions of J2store backend (listed above)

Spl Mod Pos 15 Spl Mod Pos 16 Spl Mod Pos 17

That’s it! If you still have any question or problem, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

Image Credit: J2store

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