If you are finding a plugin to help you show pricing information for your WoCommerce store, this article will suggest to you some powerful WooCommerce Pricing Plugin that you can use

Why should you install the Woocommerce Pricing Plugin?

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin is considered the best way to increase your sales and get more customers. Thanks to using such kind of plugin, you are able to indicate to your customers the prices of your products as well as provide some amazing discounts. Moreover, some of the plugins below also include a currency-changing function so that your customers can get your products easily. So let’s start now!


Top Best Woocommerce Pricing Plugins

WooCommerce Pricing – Product Pricing

Woocommerce Pricing – Product Pricing

Here is a powerful and amazing WoCommerce Pricing Plugin. By using it, you are able to make a table including your products with a beautiful design. WooCommerce Pricing also provides you a wonderful tool so that you can modify directly prices of your products.

Provided features:

  • Create an unlimited pricing table
  • Add unlimited packages with unlimited functions
  • You can set other colors for each table
  • Background image for the table area
  • create pricing in any language
  • Advanced settings for each table
  • Drag and drop items for easy sorting
  • URL button and text
  • Font size settings
  • And more


  • Great plugin
  • Numerous features

Role-Based Price For WooCommerce

Role-Based Price For Woocommerce

Role-Based Price For WooCommerce helps you to make your shop into multi-currency and pricing levels. By this way, you can offer different prices for your products which is suitable for the different customer group. Its newest version is improved a lot so that you can get a smoother and faster function.

Provided features:

  • Works With WPML
  • Developer Friendly
  • User Friendly UI
  • Supports Regular & Selling Price
  • Easy To Create Addons
  • Shortcode to get product price


  • Awesome job
  • 5 stars plugin
  • Perfect and easy to use

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

Woocommerce Wholesale Prices

This WooCommerce Pricing Plugin provides your specific users wholesale pricing for your product range. Moreover, this plugin also enables you to display or hide the original price from wholesale clients. WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin also gives you an ability to select to disable coupons for wholesale.

Provided features:

  • Choose to disable coupons for wholesale
  • Show/hide the original price from wholesale customers
  • Easily set wholesale prices on Simple or Variable Products
  • Display of your wholesale prices
  • Adjust wholesale user role naming


  • Excellent wholesale plugin
  • Great support
  • Fantastic plugin

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce

Price Based On Country For Woocommerce

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce enables you to sell similar products in numerous currencies which according to the nation of customers. What’s more, this plugin also allows you to sell and then get the payments as well as decrease the cost of currency conversions.

Provided features:

  • Set product’s price for each country
  • Reduce the costs of currency conversions
  • Sell and receive payments in different currencies
  • Shipping currency conversion
  • Apply currency conversion


  • Lightweight and modifiable
  • Work as described
  • Excellent tool

Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules For Woocommerce

This plugin enables you to apply bulk discounts for your WooCommerce products in real-time. Dynamic Pricing is very easy to use and install. After setting up this plugin, you can insert your pricing deals which are according to any particular parameters. Many features are also included in this plugin that enables you to use it more effectively.

Provided features:

  • Discounts on all products in a category
  • WooCommerce discount based on quantity
  • Quantity or range based discounts
  • Customize pricing table titles, border-color
  • WooCommerce dynamic pricing table
  • Discounts on specific products
  • Exclude selected products from discounts
  • And more


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent support
  • Wonderful

WooCommerce Price Per Unit

Woocommerce Price Per Unit

This WooCommerce plugin enables you to indicate your customers how much a weight unit cost when selling your products. What’s more, you can also recalculate the price per weight and after that displaying them based on your liking. You can also set the store-wide for specific products.

Provided features:

  • Recalculated price per weight
  • Additional custom text for all prices
  • Hide original price when products on sale
  • Additional custom text for variations
  • Hide maximum price for variable products


  • Compatible with sorting
  • Fast support
  • Great plugin and feature

Call for Price for WooCommerce

Call For Price For Woocommerce

This WooCommerce Pricing Plugin helps you to output “Call for Price” if the price field for your product is left empty. Furthermore, Call for Price for WooCommerce enables you to alter the default add to cart button text as well as hide the button totally for your products with the empty price.

Provided features:

  • Extend WooCommerce by outputting “Call for Price”
  • Change the default add to the cart button text
  • Hide button for products with empty price
  • Supports all product types


  • Excellent plugin
  • First-class support
  • Easy and perfect

WooCommerce Gold Price

Woocommerce Gold Price

WooCommerce Gold Price allows you to insert gold price to your WooCommerce sites in real-time. In addition, this plugin also allows you to alter the prices of your gold products which is according to the weight, purity as well as gold value.

Provided features:

  • Add the gold price to WooCommerce
  • Change the prices of gold products


  • Nice plugin
  • Work as a charm
  • Useful

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Pricing Deals For Woocommerce

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce is a wonderful tool that allows you to provide marketing deals, as well as discounts, provide for your WooCommerce sites. What’s more, this plugin also helps you to generate a rule which is tailored to your desired deal.

Provided features:

  • Streamlined Processing
  • “Discount Equal or Lesser Value Item”
  • Clone Rule Function
  • Discount Rule Screen Layout
  • Select Group options


  • Amazing support
  • Great tool
  • Very capable plugin



Thanks for reading! We hope that this article about the collection of top powerful WooCommerce Pricing Plugin can help you choose the best one! If you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will answer it as soon as possible.

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