What ways to collect and display your databases effectively? This post will offer some useful solutions by using Joomla Data Report Extension.

Why should you use the Joomla Data Report Extension?

If you run a business, you may absolutely know that a data report is very necessary for actionable insights to improve your business. Luckily, these days, there are a number of business tools that allow you to manage your data efficiently. In this collection, we provide you top best Joomla Data Report Extension that may be useful for you. Let’s start now!

Top Best Joomla Data Report Extensions

 ARI Data Tables [Paid Download]

Ari Data Tables

This is one of the most powerful and functional Joomla Database that enables you to sort, filter and page data as well as load data from SOL database. Moreover, you can also generate various charts which are based on data from the tables.

Provided Features:

  • Load data from Joomla
  • Add filter, sorting, paging functionality to table
  • Render plain HTML table based on data from CSV file or database
  • Work in all modern browsers
  • Configure different columns parameters
  • Provide a variety of widgets to display data
  • And more


  • Excellent support
  • Easy to use even for newbies
  • Very fast, helpful and accurate

 jDBexport [Paid Download]


By using this jDBexport extension, you can send any data from your databases to your customers directly. After clicking the download-link, you can carry out the query and its current result will be sent to your customers as a downloadable Excel file. With a number of formatting options, database drivers and the multitude of export data formats, this would be one of the most exhaustive reporting tool.

Provided Features:

  • Add any additional files
  • Conditional formatting
  • Add additional cells
  • Define auto-filter areas
  • Virtually any accessible database
  • On-the-fly (AJAX-driven) SQL syntax checker
  • Create data reports in various formats


  • Fully compatible with Excel
  • Consistent and useful
  • An extensive documentation

 Alter Reports [Paid Download]

Alter Reports

This is a Joomla Data Report Extension that adapts almost your requirement for your site. In particular, you are able to view and download your data report easily and alter your report’s visual presentation as well. Furthermore, you can also manage the reports to show them for certain usergroups.

Provided Features:

  • Ordering of report by column
  • Embed reports into articles via special
  • Email reports via special link
  • Delete selected report rows
  • Search in report and download selected rows only
  • Using different databases for loading reports data
  • View and download reports in both front-end and back-end
  • And more


  • Helpful tool-tips
  • Definitely good value
  • Much better than average

 Art Table [Paid Download]

Art Table

This Joomla Database is a perfect tool for you to show display tabular data or graphical data on your Joomla websites. Besides, it also allows you display sortable, filterable and customizable tables or charts through Google Charts API.

Provided Features:

  • Supports 4 table types
  • Multiple databases are supported
  • Create and display all kinds of chart from HTML table
  • Module comes with dozens of themes for Data Table
  • Easy to apply external and internal styles
  • Recognize links and images and display them in a table
  • And more


  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Efficient and fast support.
  • Perfect for displaying medium-sized databases

vChart [Paid Download]


This extension allows you to transform your local database table to a powerful one. It also consists of various customizing choices and a super instinctive data input choice in back end. Thanks to this extension, you are able to create all kinds of chart such as Timeline Chart, Combo Charts, Pie Charts and so on.

Provided features:

  • Different advance formatting parameters
  • Input Charts data in many ways
  • Insert many control parameters
  • Option to show / hide download or print chart at front end
  • Add various controls on Chart Axis Parameters
  • Support various charts type
  • Show your data from existing database table
  • And more


  • Comprehensive controller
  • Very responsive
  • Well supported information

Table JX [Paid Download]

Table Jx

This is an ideal extension for you to display tables on your Joomla sites from Oracle, Microsoft SQL or  MySQL database. Besides, with a number of search options, it enables you to show data page by page and get access to the last and first page in the table easily. It’s also a essential tool for who want to show your business partners on your page from your database.

Provided features:

  • User’s specific data
  • Multi-language support
  • Linkable content
  • Search engine friendly
  • Create a grid or table with data
  • Adjustable row height and column width


  • Simple to use
  • Helpful tutorials
  • Active forums

Live Graph JX [Paid Download]

Live Graph Jx

Live Graph JX allows you to get your data moving, make a graph, and show it directly in an article. Moreover, it enables you to choose multiple databases and display it on the same chart or present the graphs dynamically.

Provided features:

  • Line and Bar charts supported
  • Legend position adjustment
  • Remote Database connection
  • Dynamic representation of your data
  • Simple database table and column selection
  • And so on


  • Comprehensive controller
  • Very responsive
  • Great support

User Registrations Daily Report[ Paid Download]

User Registrations Daily Report

By using User Registrations Daily Report, you can receive a daily summary of your new members and a statistical chart showing the evolution of the registration name in the last few days. Check it out!

Provided features:

  • Email(s) to be notified
  • Frequency of emails
  • Select the time you receive the report
  • Receive the report even if there are no new users


  • Nice plugin
  • Flexible structure
  • Well comprehensive

vData[ Paid Download]


vData allows you to import or export Joomla users, Menus, Modules, Categories, Articles, Tags, and so on. Moreover, it is a Powerful, Secure, Intuitive, and Easy-to-use Data Management Tool that will save your time, ensure accuracy, and reduce your costs of Data Migration by up to 95%. Let’s discover and enjoy it in an impressive way.

Provided features:

  • Takes data for Data Import / Export / Migration Process
  • Allows you to upload data source file straight from your compute
  • Add / update data into the required columns
  • Apply filters to fetch the precise Data
  • Ability to join Database
  • Directly send the exported file


  • Unique features and benefits
  • Very simple and flexible
  • Nice

Content Statistics[ Paid Download]

Content Statistics

Content Statistics is a tool that completes cross-extension statistics recording and report system for Joomla. It is full activity stream logs for admins. Furthermore, it can monitor everything that happens in your site without the need of an external tool like Google Analytics.

Provided features:

  • Responsive graphics
  • Display all info or “unique visitors” info
  • CSV & Excel data export
  • Purge old data
  • Make rankings and evolution reports graphs of:
  • User registrations
  • Article edition, creation, deletion, publish/unpublish, trash, archive


  • Very responsive
  • Efficient
  • Great extension


After reading the blog, which is the best Joomla data report extension for you? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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